Would you like to visit Canada for a period of six months or less? Would you like to visit family, friends, vacation, or explore Canada? Unless you are a citizen of a visa exempt country, you will need to obtain an entry visa to Canada. This could be a multimple-entry or a single entry visa. You could remain in Canada as a visitor for up to six months. You need to extend your stay and obtain a visitor record if you wish to remain in Canada for a longer period of time.  Parents and grandparents could obtain a super visa which allows them to remain in Canada for up to 24 months. Contact us for assistance. Effective March 2016 you will need an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) if you are a citizen of a visa excempt country and you are entering Canada as a visitor by plane.  

Would you like to study in Canada? Is your program of a duration of six months or more? We could help you obtain a new student permit to Canada, or an extension of your current student permit. The first step is to obtain a school acceptance letter. You also need to have sufficient funds for tuition and accomondation costs. Contact us for assistance.

 Would you like to work in Canada? Have you been offered a job by a Canadian employer? Are you an inland spouse sponsored for permanent residence from within Canada? Are you a foreign graduating from a Canadian college or university? Are you an employer wanting to employ a foreign worker? We could help you apply for Labour Market Impact Assessment (LIMO) and work permit applications, including open work permit and intra-company transfers. Contact us for details. 

Citizens of certain countries age 18 to 35 could also work in Canada under the International Experience program. 

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