Have you been turned back at the Canadian border? Have you been charged with or convicted of an offence in the past? Do you believe you may be inadmissible to Canada? We could help. 

Temporary resident permit is a document that will allow you to enter Canada  despite your inadmissiblity. It is issued for a certain period of time, upon request, and you must demonstrate a compelling need to enter Canada. This could be for business or to visit your family or friends.  The TRP does not overcome your inadmissilibty. 

You may quaify for a permanent criminal rehabilitation provided that a prescribed period of time has lapsed since the completion of your sentence. This will depend on the type of offence committed outside Canada. An approval of your criminal rehabilitation application means that you are no longer inadmissible to Canada.

If your offence was committed in Canada, you will need to obtain a Record Suspension, rather than Criminal Rehabilitation. 

You may apply for both a temporary  resident prmit and criminal rehabilittation at the same time, since the first is a temporary and the second is a permanent solution.

Contact us for assessment of your eligibility. 

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